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indien cowboykurtTURQUOISE JEWELRY NAVAJO,HOPI AND ZUNI. There is a haunting fascination to turquoise,a feeling that takes hold of a person who comes in contact with it for a time. In our own Southwest ,turquoise mines were worked by Indians(Native American) before the time of Christ.In factmany of the mines that are producting today were worked in prehistoric times. Here in America today thousands of people are becoming aware of it and the old fascination is taking hold.Down through the ages and especially now, fine gems and jewelry have been a commodity more stable than money.In other words it is and always has been a good investment.Turquoise and silver jewelry is a pleasure to wear and enjoy. INDIAN ART DREAM CATCHER : Dreams have always had many meaning to the Indians.One of the old Ojibwa traditions was to hang a dream catcher in the home. They believed that the night air was filled with dreams,both bad and good.When hung,the dream catcher moves freely in the air and catches the dreams as they float by. The good dreams know the way and slip through the center hole.The bad dreams,not knowing the way,get entangled in the webbing and perish with the first light of a new day.Small dream catchers were hung on cradle boards so infants would have good dreams.Other sizes were hung in lodges for all to have good dreams. MEDICINE WHEEL : One of the most sacred symbols of the Plains Indains is the Medicine Wheel.It's hoop represents the circle of life(everything returning to it's point of origian.The colors in the center represent the four winds and four seasons.The four bars represent the four directions and the four grandparents(teachers).The circular shell in the center represent the Great Spirit the giver of all life.


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SAND PAINTING  : The Navajo word for sandpaintings means"place where the gods come and go".The sandpaintings has been used for centuries in religious rituals,including healing ceremonies performed by Navajo medicine men. a sandpainting for a ceremony is made on the ground in the ceremonial hogan and destroyed at the end of the ritual. In order to preserve this long-standing tradition,in the late 1940's Navajos began to create permanent sandpaintings,changing the design slightly to protect the religious sinificance when these paintings were shown publicly.Pictorial sandpaintings which reflect the Navajo environment and lifestyle are also made.



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 Today sandpaintings are made by slowly trickling sand through the hand onto epoxy-covered particle boards,using sand made from naturally colored crushed rock,stone,and minerals for the different shades and colors.The sandpainting is intended to be hung within aframe or by attaching picture hangers to the back of the board. KACHINA DOLLS : Navajo Indian Kachina dolls represent the benevolent spirits.Kachina are spiritual messengers that bring special blessings.Kachina dolls are not gods,but the symbolic representations,in human form,of the spirits of plants, animals,birds,places or ancestors. Since it is only the spirit that is depicted,there is no attempt at realism.Each Kachina doll is skillfully carved from dried and seasoned cottenwood root and meticulously painted and decorated with fine leather and fabrics.


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